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Every massage therapist is skilled in relaxation massage and deep tissue massage. And every one is as unique and different as their fingerprints. Which one will be a good fit for you?



Our  group's philosophy is:

 We believe each client is unique and strive to listen closely and work carefully to give them the best possible experience each time they come in to receive a treatment. We not only strive to address each individual's needs, but we work with them to develop self care skills they can use at home to increase the relaxation and pain relief they get from their bodywork experience.


Tammy Ware, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, I began studying and practicing Massage Therapy at the Minneapolis School of Massage & Bodywork Inc in 1988. Personally I like to emphasize the "therapy" aspect of massage and many of my clients begin to work with me on recommendation from  their physical  therapists or chiropractors. My treatments can be the  final step in the healing process or just the ticket to keep them healthy and injury free. I enjoy working with baby boomers like myself who want to stay feeling young and active. I love working with dedicated athletes and weekend warriors alike to help them achieve their personal best and am experienced in working with illness, chronic health conditions or people recovering from cancer treatments. I believe massage therapy is good preventive health care as well as a rehabilitation tool from pain, illness and injury. When not working I enjoy going hiking through the woods with my husband, cooking delicious allergy free dinners and being a source of love and encouragement to my three children who are very nearly ready to be independent adults. Well once they finish college, fingers crossed.


Cindy McLaughlin, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Oakland Community College in Waterford, Michigan. I have National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and have completed seminars in Sports Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy. I also have additional certification in Orthopedic Massage and Table Thai Massage.  In addition to providing sports massage, I have provided stress and pain relief in therapeutic massage centers as well as a chiropractic clinic.  I am dedicated to maintaining excellence in my field through the ongoing study of anatomy and therapeutic massage and bodywork techniques.  Although my clientele include athletes of all levels, I enjoy working with all kinds of people, including people with "projects", whether it be pain from an injury or just plain stress and overwork. Compassionate touch is a vital part of the fabric of the human body.  I am grateful to be in a position to provide something so basic to healing and well-being.  Part of my philosophy of wellness and preventative care is to educate clients on what they can do at home to extend the benefits gained from their massage session.  


Theresa David, Licensed Massage Therapist, I graduated from the Michigan Institute of Myomassology in 1993 and stayed on to assist in teaching classes for a year after graduation. I have been working continuously in the massage field in private practice, with corporate on site massage and in chiropractic clinics since then. I continued my education with a degree in Medical Assisting, giving me more understanding of the human body and how to work with it especially when my clients are recovering from pain and injury. I studied Thai Massage in Thailand and find it to be very grounding besides helping with flexibility. I love doing all kinds of massage from the relaxation, stress reducing treatments to deep tissue therapies. I will cater each massage to your specific needs.

Ally Cunningham, Licensed Massage Therapist , I studied at Oakland Community College graduating with an Associate's Degree in Applied Science and a Certificate for Massage Therapy. And have my Bachelor's in Science degree from Eastern Michigan University. Having spent the last several years being a student, I can relate to the aches and pains of sitting at a desk and in front of a computer monitor all day. I have developed a lot of skill for work related neck and shoulder issues. I specializes in geriatric massage, relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, sport massage, and pregnancy massage. I find working as a massage therapist very rewarding and enjoy seeing people who want to simply relax or those who need therapy to work through pain issues. When not working as a massage therapist I am a full time farmer and owner of Clydesdale horses. Yup from the Budweiser commercials. I got them from the actual Clydesdale farm in Kentucky. We also have cows and sheep. I am now learning to convert the sheep's wool to make my own yarn for my crocheting projects.


Carrie Pishek, LMT/ CranioSacral Therapist/ Reiki Practitioner, I am a 2006 graduate of Irene’s School of Myomassology in Southfield, MI.  My mission is to facilitate your wellness. There are many methods we can use to release stress, tension, pain and stuck energies. Whether you are looking for a decrease in negative self talk, the disappearance of stress, freedom from chronic pain or an increase in joy, we can work together to find a solution that fits your needs. Craniosacral Therapy drives my practice. It is a modality that allows people to free themselves from many chronic issues. Restrictions in the craniosacral system, (the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord) are released and pain melts away. For more information please visit . I especially delight in weaving together CranioSacral Therapy, Guided Meditation, Reiki, and the use of essential oils to create a tailored healing session for my clients. I love working with people to release stuck patterns, emotions and unhealthy habits to thereby increase their experience of health, peace and serenity. View my website for more information



Tina Lee L.A.c., Dipl. OM Call me personally for an Acupuncture appointment 248-520-1222.

I have a Master's of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Colorado. I believe acupuncture is a powerful tool to stimulate the natural healing abilities of our body. I work with each patient to develop and maintain optimal health and solve the health concerns we all have in our lives. I am  certified in Facial Rejuvination Acupuncture, which is a series of treatments designed to improve the look and vitality of the face and decrease signs of aging without the use of botox and cosmetic surgery. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is one of the oldest medicines practiced in the world. For more than 3000 years it has been successfully used to treat a wide range of physical and emotional issues. I work from Essential Massage & Wellness Center and in my own office, Red Door Acupuncture in Clarkston.

Olga Valeeva Licensed Esthetician, Call me personally for appointments 248-884-8587.

I grew up in the small town of Yoshkar-Ola, Russia where I initially formed an interest in skin care and beauty. I have a Master's degree in Education from Russia and moved to the USA in 2000. I graduated from the Michigan College of Beauty in Waterford in 2005 and began working as an Esthetician. I love to combine my European technique and knowledge into my everyday work providing skincare treatments for a variety of skin types and conditions. I have facials providing treatment options for aging skin, acne,hyper-pigmentation, rosacea and more. I also provide face waxing and full body waxing for hair removal, as well as eyebrow and eyelash tinting. I am thrilled to join the staff of Essential Massage and Wellness Center and look forward to helping our clients feel more beautiful every day.

 Joycelynn Hewitt, Reiki Master, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Yoga Instructor, I hold a Bachelors Degree in Education from Eastern Michigan University.  I began teaching fitness classes while in college and thus began my love of helping others help themselves to a healthier life!  This led me into becoming a student and then a RYT200 yoga instructor.  I began teaching yoga in 2002 and it is still a passion of mine today.  Yoga reinforced my belief that the body can heal itself and motivated me to explore my interest in essential oils, crystals and energy work.  I completed my first Reiki training in 2006. I have since become a Reiki Master, and certified in Vibrational Sound Therapy, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation, and Ama Deus method of healing energy.  I incorporate all of these Relaxation Therapies in order to help my clients relieve daily stress and generate deep feelings of wellness and relaxation. Many studies have been done showing the effects of stress on the body and how it can lead to "dis-ease".  Science has also proven that when a person is in a state of relaxation the body begins to heal.  Relaxation can lead the body into a place of homeostasis, which assists the body in self-generative healing. It is my passion to help “you” heal “you”! These Relaxation Therapies are all done fully clothed, and compliment all traditional and non-traditional healing modalities. Working with Vibrational Sound brings me so much joy, I want everyone to experience for themselves! Every session will include a taste of Vibrational Sound, which may include: Himalayan metal singing bowls, crystal bowls, crystal pyramid, Koshi chimes, gong or Tibetan bell.  Sound touches every part of the physical being, and transforms on the emotional and spiritual plane, assisting in relaxation and rebalancing of the whole body. Full hour or half-hour sessions are available in Vibrational Sound, Reiki, and Ama-Deus.  Custom sessions are available upon request, combining different relaxation therapies to better serve your personal healing. For questions and to make an appointment Call Joycelynn at 248-408-0478.







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